Welcome to Kids Gone M.A.D.!!!!!!!!

Where will you volunteer this week?

Whose life will you impact?

How are YOU Making A Difference in the world around you?


  1. What an incredible vision to network kids around the world to serve!

  2. Sarah,

    I am so proud of you for glorifying God in all that you do as you Go M.A.D for Jesus. Let’s go make a difference for Him together. Love Daddy

  3. Great job Sarah!!!!

  4. Another great job Sarah!!!!!

  5. Another great job Sarah!!!!!

  6. Another great job Sarah!!!!

  7. Ruth & Norm Laible

    Register Ruth & Norm Laible for race. $40 coming in mail.

  8. Hi, Sarah.

    This is Patti Hale from Awana International. Thank you for your recent donation to Awana Global Ministry. It is wonderful to see all that you are doing for the cause of Christ. We are grateful for your partnering with us to reach the children of the world with the gospel! I would love to learn more about what you see God doing through your ministry.


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